One Point

  • One Point I.T Solution is an Information Technology Company founded in 2019. One Point I.T Solution is a well known software house in Pakistan and Thailand.
  • Our Vision

    In today’s world it is essential to be mindful of human needs and become increasingly more human responsive. Objectively, the needs of your human resources need to be addressed incipiently before expectations of outcome can be imagined. In earnest, quality will follow once their needs are met unreservedly. Your humans will go on and bring out an effectual change that influences how humans of the world interact with your product. Secondly, reality is, most firms are business driven, pursuing business goals rather than aligning their aims to meet those of the clients. This encumbered approach incessantly inhibits growth and is void of any benefits that might create an effectual change in the world.

    Our Mission

    We are in the business of digital transformation. Take full advantage of technology, expertise and ability to simply allow our clients to meet their future today. Build and implement the best business software solutions to bring about an effectual change. Valuation Services Development of Business Models Deal Structuring Feasibility Business Plans

    • Take small step but make sure you are the first one to do so.
    • We are not here just to identify problems, We're here to address.
    • Growing our people, markets and businesses around the world.

    The advantage of alliance that fuels mutual trust and productive, collaborative working relationships.

    Our Skills

    Our team skills in related feilds are remarkable.We have dedicated team members who believe to enhance overall performance.

    HTML 100%
    CSS 90%
    JavaScript 75%
    PHP 80%
    WordPress/CMS 90%
    Application Development 80%